Epilogue - After the AEA

- photos and brief summary of each member of the AEA and of Mabel H. Bell in the years following the AEA

  • Alexander Graham Bell

-photo, summary, insights

-continuing kite work by Bell and Baldwin

-brief outline of work and achievements with hydrodromes by Bell and Baldwin

  • Glenn H. Curtiss

-photo, summary, insights

-the Curtiss Aviation corporation

-brief Curtiss-Wright patent litigation summary and conclusion

-major influence on naval aviation and on seaplanes and flying boats


  • Casey Baldwin

-photo, summary, insights

-work with McCurdy in attempting to establish a Canadian aviation industry

-continuing work with Bell on kites and later on hydrodromes/hydrofoils


  • Douglas A. G. McCurdy

-photo, summary, insights

-work with Baldwin attempting to establish Canadian aviation industry

-test, demonstration, and flight training pilot for Curtiss Aviation

-political life: Governor-General of Nova Scotia


  • Mabel Hubbard Bell

-photo, summary, insights

-her concerns over the Bell aerodrome patents and feelings towards G.H. Curtiss

-her ongoing involvement in and support of A.G. Bell's work

-her role as a mother/grandmother influence on the Bell family


The Historic Locations:

  • Hammondsport, NY

the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum including photos

  • Baddeck, NS

the A.G. Bell Museum and Beinn Breagh including photos

  • Petawawa, ON

site of the final flights of the Silver Dart