Kite Education / Workshops

Kites are a highly engaging topic for exploration by students.  The areas of the curriculum which can be coordinated with the study and construction of kites are very diverse. Student learning outcomes in Art, Language, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Social Studies and Technology can all be achieved by using kites as the content medium for student study and activity.

Workshops for students, children's groups and interested adults can provide exciting opportunities for hands on learning and the development of an appreciation for kites.

Workshops are offered in three general categories:

  • Hands-on kite building sessions
  • Presentations about kites
  • Combination presentation and hands-on kite building sessions.

Workshop Leader - Presenter:

Bob White - I have been teaching kite making workshops in collaboration with schools, community centres, arts centres, libraries and kite clubs for over fifteen years.  I am based in Port Colborne, ON, Canada and am prepared to work with your group to provide an interesting and meaningful learning experience appropriate to your group, your location, your facility and your budget.  Contact me to discuss details of a potential workshop or presentation to your group.

Length of Workshop:

A typical workshop lasts 1.5 to two hours although custom programs ranging from one-half day to a full day can be arranged depending on your needs.  Times vary depending on subject matter, the type of kite being constructed and flying time. In school settings, times can be customized to the timetable and the purposes within the curriculum.  Age approriate presentations and kite building to meet the needs of groups from students to adults are always built into each workshop.

Sample Classroom or Group-Based Workshop:

  • Introduction to kites and the activity that will be used (.5   hr)
  • Construction-kite building time (.75 hr)
  • Artistic work on kite sail (.5 hr)
  • Flying time [includes tuning kites to ensure proper flight] (.25 hr)
  • Total typical workshop time (2.0  hrs.)

Sample School-Wide KITE DAY Activity:

  • Staff meeting with teachers/group leaders to set up the project (.75 hr) and train all staff involved.
  • Students build kites in class with their own teachers and with parent volunteers according to the training provided in the teachers' session above.
  • On Kite Day, the classes involved in the project gather in the Gym for a large scale presentation about the history and wonder of kites.  Special ultra-light kites of different types are flown indoors to enhance the presentation and promote student interest. This multi-media presentation is every engaging and a great deal of fun for all participants (staff and students).  Following the 1.0 hour presentation the students bring their kites to the outdoors and engage in flying activities.

Number of Students, Workshop Space and Material Requirements:

In single class or group workshops I can comfortably accommodate up to 30 students or participants.  For larger settings, a train-the-trainer model is used.  This model ensures that trained teachers/leaders/volunteers can accommodate more classes or groups depending on the size of the organization.

Generally the space required for each student to construct a kite is about three to four square feet of table top surface.  Often, classroom desks will work or folding tables can be brought in to ensure adequate space to measure, fold, attach frames and decorate kite sails.  The tools needed for a workshop can usually be found in all classroooms.  A complete list of requirements is provided with each age-appropriate workshop selected.

All kite materials are provided by the presenter to ensure that the proper requirements are met.  It is important that each participant has a kite that will successfully fly at the end of the activity.

The cost of each kite varies with the type, size and complexity of the kite.  We will discuss all costs in advance and strive to select a kite that will be appropriate for your budget and ensure participant satisfaction.

Contact me by email to arrange an opportunity to discuss a kite presentation for your group.