Kite Time Line - 1500 BC to 1800 AD

This time line represents the earliest records of kite history.  Some of the entries for the earliest dates are based on the best information that I could find.  Since many of these early records are references to oral history or translations from original languages into English, it was necessary to use multiple citations to the event to determine its placement on the time line. 

In some cases, conflicts in when and where the event occurred and even the name of the historical figure varied.  This made it necessary to make a personal determination of what I believe is most likely to be historically accurate.  As any historian will tell you, the best evidence is used to place events, but that does not necessarily mean the assumption is entirely correct. Additional evidence can emerge to cause reflection and revision.

Chart Time Line of Kite Events - 1500 BC to 1800 AD

Graphic Time Line of Kite Events - 1500 BC to 1800 AD


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