Kite Time Line - 1800 AD to 1900 AD

This time line represents the period when kites came into wide spread use as instruments of technology and science.  Many advancements were made in kite design and construction during this period and many new kite forms were developed.

Since documentation for this period of time is much more accurate and is substantiated by both text and photographic documents, a great deal more is known about the kites, their uses and the kiters who developed and employed them.

The period from 1860 to about 1910 (overlapping into the next time line) is frequently known as "The Golden Age of Kiting".   This era title refers to the fact that the kite was one of the premier instruments of scientific investigation of the lower atmosphere, an early work horse for lifting aerial cameras and observers, a device for traction experimentation, and a method of exploring the principles of aeronautics leading to the development of powered flight in 1903.

Chart Time Line of Kite Events - 1800 AD to 1900 AD

Graphic Time Line of Kite Events - 1800 AD to 1900 AD

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