Kite History - Overview

Since 1989 I have been seriously  engaged in the collection of information about the history of kites and kite pioneers. Books, manuscripts, photographs, and artifacts have been gathered and reviewed in an attempt to understand the history of kites and the ongoing fascination that they hold for mankind.

Found in most cultures around the world, kites have been toys, artistic expressions, cutltural and religious symbols, tools of war and instruments of science and technology. Materials and design have changed, yet the kite endures as a device with many applications and many meanings.

This section is devoted to an outline of the historical development and use of kites through history. Significant events, kite building pioneers, and developments from the distant past to the present day are chronicled here.

It is hoped that you will find this information of interest. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, credit source materials and note the many people who have shared their knowldege, expertise and enthusiasm for kites. When using material from this site please adhere to citation and copyright expectations. If you have questions, comments, or additional information, please send an email message.