The Time Line of Kite History: 

old-watch.gifThe time line of kite history is filled with many interesting events and inventions.  The time line spans thousands of years and embraces events and inventions from a wide variety of nations.

As with any work of history that is compressed into time line format, brevity is necessary.  This helps to outline a chronology but it can never provide the myriad of details and interesting facts that make up  the complete story of each of the entries.  Although the time line can assist one to see when an event occurred, it begs the reader to explore more deeply to get at the rich story surrounding each entry.

It is my hope that the timelines below will assist you to pinpoint the occurrence of significant events in kite history relative to others, and help you to tie them to historical eras or dates of significance in the greater panoply of human history.

Since the time line of kite history is so full of wonderful events, it has been arbitrarily broken into segments to permit manageable display of the details.

In addition, each time line is presented in two formats:

  1. as a table of event date, event listing, and some brief details of the event;
  2. as a graphic image showing the date and event in a way that represents the passage of time.  The graphic image time lines  contains less detail than do the table time lines.

To secure a place on these time lines, each event was substantiated through the use of reputable source materials and the generous assistance of knowledgeable kite experts and historians.   Every effort has been made to ensure that the dates and event listings are accurate.  If additional details or information about facts which may call into question any of the entries is found, please advise me so that any possible errors may be corrected with substantiated evidence.

Fact/Date Table Time Lines:         Graphic Time Lines:

Pre-History to 1800                            Pre-History to 1800 - Image Time Line

1800 AD to 1900 AD                           1800 AD to 1900 AD - Image Time Line

1900 AD to Present                              1900 AD to Present - Image Time Line 

Research by Bob White - Hifliercanada - Protected by Creative Commons Copyright October 30, 2006 and June 11, 2008