Kite Time Line:  1900 AD to the Present

This time line represents the most recent period in kite history.  It starts with the important work of the early 1900's, the latter part of "The Golden Age of Kiting", and proceeds through the First and Second World Wars and on up through the use of modern, high tech kite materials. 

Innovative work by Lawrence Hargrave, the Wright Brothers and others ushered in the era of powered flight and the airplane.  This development led to a gradual decline in the use of the kite as a mainstay instrument of innovation and experimentation.

Work by Guglielmo Marconi, using a kite as a lifting system for his wireless communication aerials was one of the highlights of this period .  It can be truly said that the kite aided in both the development of a revolution in travel (the airplane) and in communication (wireless telegraphy and later wireless voice communication).

During the Second World War the kite was resurrected as an instrument of war to lift observers high over the ocean to enhance the surface visibility of submarines, and to provide gunnery practice for naval crews training to protect their ships and convoys from attack by enemy aircraft.

In the 1950's the kite seemed to be relegated to the status of "mere toy".  Later in the 1970's hobbyists,using innovative design and modern materials,  launched the current revival of interest in the kite.  New, high tech materials and very creative designs have once again made the kite a highly regarded device for artistic expression, scientific exploration, and technological innovation.

Chart Time Line of Kite Events - 1900 AD to the Present Day.

Graphic Time Line of Kite Events - 1900 AD to the Present Day.


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