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Unintended Consequences an Impediment to Kite Ban in Pakistan?

It may be that the "law of unintended conseuquences" was a factor in the impediment of full enforcement of a ban on kite making in Pakistan during the Basant festival when so many kite flying injuries and power outages occur.

 In a special meeting today of the Supreme Court Chief Justice and regional Inspectors General of Police it appears that the law was not being enforced due to fears that an immediate ban on kite manufacturing would cause a recession and result in thousands of people losing their jobs.

It appears that a suggestion has been made that  district nazims be asked to explore new avenues for employment of all those people who were involved in kite manufacturing.  This could be a large and daunting task.

Again, it will be interesting to follow developments as this story continues to unfold.  In my thinking, I wonder how such a complete ban on kite manufacture and flying during the spring festival can be accomplished when kites are so deeply imbued in Pakistani culture.

Complete news of this latest development is found in the story by Mohammed Kamran in today's Daily Times of Lahore, Pakistan

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