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The Flight of the Japanese Megakite

Photo sequences of the flight of the Japanese Megakite, the third version of the World's Largest Kite, have been posted.  The news releases for the flight occurred today, January 15, 2006, but a photo record on the web site of the Japan Kite Association shows the correct date of the flight as January 8-9, 2006.

Thanks to Sharon Musto of Winnipeg, MB for drawing the photo links to my attention.  Sharon is the Region 13 Representative of the American Kitefliers Association. Region 13 is the International zone, representing all kite fliers outside the United States.

  1. Megakite in Tokyo - photos by Masami Takakuwa & Katsutaka Murooka
  2. Kite World On-Line - 2006世界一の大凧揚げ 東京・晴海 1月8日~9日

Here are a few highlight photos, in reduced size, from the two photo sites.

A.  Masaaki Modegi, President of the Japan Kite Association briefs "Japan's World's Largest Kite Team".







 filling-Japan-megakite.gifB.  The Japanese version of the World's Largest Kite fills with air prior to flight. 






C..  The Japanese megakite takes flight.







 D.  Kite Aerial Photography view of Japanese version of World's Largest Kite, showing Tokyo skyline in the background.



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