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Night Kites Arrive on Indian Kiting Scene

North American kite festivals have increasingly featured "Night Flies" as part of their festival schedule for the past ten years.  Some spectacular events have occurred when ideal wind conditions and dramatic lighting effects were combined to illuminate kites in the sky.  Some kites bear battery powered lights while others rely on spotlights from the ground to show them off.  The use of reflective mylar sails and special reflective tapes have added to the effect in the night sky.

Now it appears that the "night kites" have come to India as well.  Today's Ahmedabad Newsline features the following story of battery powered lights on kites emerging in India for this year's kite festival season. 

With this kite, get set and glow
Patangwala has designed unconventional kite: it has battery-operated bulbs
Express News Service  -  Ahmedabad, January 5:   

"THIS kite will sure light up the sky during this Uttrayan. Call it technological advancement or innovation born out of sheer need!

Having left with no time to fly kite during the day, a kite-maker in the Jamalpur area of Ahmedabad found a novel way to enjoy kite flying in the night — the only time he is left with after selling kites through the day during Uttrayan.

Pappu Patangwala has transformed a conventional kite by attaching tiny square bulbs in different colours of blue, red and green to it. These bulbs operate on batteries attached to them with the help of switch.

In the business for some years now, Patangwala said, ‘‘It’s only during the night that we get a chance to actually fly kite, as we are busy selling kites till late in the evening. Since, it is very difficult to locate kite in the dark, the idea of attaching bulbs to it struck me.’’

Flying kites in the night would now be easier. This innovation would give a new meaning to kite flying, especially for those who like to fly kites during night time and also for those who fear sun tan. The battery attached to individual bulbs will last for maximum five hours and a kite can hold a maximum of six such bulbs.

‘‘The bulbs can be pasted on the surface of the kite with the help of glue,’’ he added.

Patangwala has used two batteries (button cells) and a condenser to light the bulbs. ‘‘I have not used wires. There’s a switch attached to them which gives the kite-flyer option to switch it on and off.’’

But would the kite be able to fly owing to the weight of the bulbs? ‘‘They can easily fly when its windy,’’ said Patangwala

But the innovation comes at a price.

A single kite costs around Rs 20 while there are some discounts for those who want it in bulk. ‘‘At present, the rate is quite high since it is just the beginning of the season. I am working on reducing the cost of manufacturing so as to reduce its cost,’’ he said. "

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