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Kite Enhanced Billboard Advertising

nissan_kite_billboard-small.gifKites are often used as props in advertising layouts in both print and video media.  They make an interesting and active backdrop that conveys a sense of playfulness, colour, and friendship.  The intent is to draw the viewer into a pleasant and relaxing situation and help focus positive attention on the product being sold.

 One interesting variation on this theme is the use of a kite in a billboard advertising a small Nissan urban car that is gaining attention in both Asian and European markets.

 The billboard presents the full image of the car in a typical street scape setting.  The kite is attached to the billboard by some sort of wire to make sure that it "flies" above the street scene.  Cleverly, the kite appears attached to the passenger side of the car with a line shown in the graphic image.  To get a larger view, click on the image above.

 The 3-D effect of the kite flying in the sky is quite dramatic and shows the appeal of kites in almost all settings. 

Photo source:  BillBoarddom 

Posted on Friday, June 9, 2006 at 09:39PM by Registered CommenterHifliercanada in | Comments1 Comment

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I just at present stumbled upon the web site and was completely blown away by how impressive it is! The kite history research is very professionally done. Congratulations - I am now a regular reader/visitor!
November 3, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterTeaveInonesor

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