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Anne Quemere Passes Atlantic Ocean Mid Point in Kite Powered Boat Crossing

oceankite-5.gifOn June 20, 2006 Anne Quemere passed the mid-point in her solo voayage across the Atlantic Ocean from New York to Brittany, France.  As previously reported in Best-Breezes, Anne's solo journey under kite power is a truly amazing feat of modern technology, kite traction and individual skill and perseverance.

Each and every day I have followed Anne's adventures on her web site.  Reading her postings has been an experience that provided insight into  her highs and lows as she has battled heavy seas as well as dead calms.  Her fortitude is remarkable and I encourage you to visit her site to watch her journey continue to unfold.

 aq-half-way.gifThe vessel has been rigorously tested by the storms of the Atlantic and survived  a capsizing, just as it was designed to do.  The Naish kites have been excellent traction engines whenever winds were in the proper range for flight.

 Keep up the great work Anne - you are a true kite traction pioneer!

Note:  all photos and map courtesy of Anne Quemere's web site.

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