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Addition of Kite History Fact of the Day

Woman-w-kite-1947.gifAlthough it has been a few months since my last post to the Best-Breezes blog section of this web site, a lot has been going on behind the scenes.

 Extensive work has been done to improve the Time Lines of Kite History and updated versions of these much visited resources on the site should be posted by the end of May.  Numerous typographical corrections have been made to make the information much more accurate.  In addition, new events have been added to the timelines as the verification process for them ensured that they could be entered into the chronicle.

One interesting off shoot of this work has been the inclusion of a new page on the site entitled Kite History FACT OF THE DAY.

Using some of the facts in the Time Lines of Kite History data base, a JavaScript has been added to display a new fact each time visitors access this part of the site.  It is hoped that these interesting facts will capture your imagination and help to enhance your experience on this web site. 

Other detailed research has been going on in these past months on the following topics:

  • kite pioneer Silas J. Conyne of Chicago, Illinois
  • kite pioneer Major B.F.S. Baden-Powell of Great Britain
  • the principles of kite flight (some of the research gathered on this topic will improve the section on The Science of Kite Flight)
  • building a data base of old and historic kite photos that will be displayed in a random fashion of the home page of the web site.
Publication of these materials will move forward in the weeks ahead.  Thanks for visiting Best-Breezes and please continue to write to me with your comments and questions.
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