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Updated Time Lines of Kite History

TimeLineHourglass.gifThe Time Lines of Kite History, an often visited feature of the Best-Breezes web site, were updated to Version 2.1 after extensive review of the original time line research.  The review and update took a period of six months as new source material was reviewed and additional conversations were held with kite history experts.

Although Version  2.1 is as up-to-date as possible, it is anticipated that more revisions and updates will be made in the months and years ahead.

I welcome conversation and dialogue on this time line and hope that you will share any possible findings of yours which may lead to new inclusions or corrections on those items that, although carefully researched, may still need some detailed fine tuning.

Throughout time, the kite has been an object of great fascination and value to human kind.  The Time Lines of Kite History presented here are intended to help preserve this history for those who are interested in all aspects and applications of kites over the years.

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